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GST Calculator

GST Calculator

GST Calculator


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About GST

GST Calculator

GST is short for Goods and Services Tax. It a consumption tax on spending on goods and services. The tax base of such a tax is the money spent on consumption. Consumption taxes are usually indirect, such as a sales tax or a value added tax.

GST rate for participant countries different from each other. GST is levied at a rate of 10%, which means that in order to calculate the GST to be added to goods or services you simply add 10% to the GST exclusive price.

However, if you have a GST inclusive price and want to work out how much of the price is GST then the GST equal one eleventh of the total, which means that the GST exclusive price is ten elevenths of the total.

For example, if the GST inclusive price of something is $110 then one eleventh of that amount is $10 (i.e. the GST) and ten elevenths of that amount is $100 (i.e. the GST exclusive price). Working in reverse, if you have goods or services with a value of $100, then 10% GST is $10 and when these amounts are added together then the GST inclusive price is $110.






GST Calculator

Add Tax to Price

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Simple one!

Just do normal calculate and add to your price. For example, if price is RM 10, so;

GST = 6% equal 0.06 (6 ÷ 100)
Tax = RM 10 x 0.06 = RM 0.60

Price with Tax = Amount + Tax (Add tax to price)

Price with Tax = RM 10 + RM 0.60 = RM 10.60


Subtract Tax from Price

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What you need to remember is, add 1 to current tax rate. Here the tip, if tax is 6% (equal 0.06), just add 1 to your rate.

Subtract Rate = 1 + 0.06 = 1.06
Subtract Rate = 1.06

Now, divide the inclusive tax price with Subtract Rate. For example, if price is RM 10, so;

Original Price = RM 10 ÷ 1.06

Original Price = RM 9.433962264150943
* (rounding will return : RM 9.43)

Original Price = RM 9.43

To finalise your calculation, here the info;

Tax = Inclusive Tax Price - Original Price

Tax = RM 10 - RM 9.43 = RM 0.57

Tax = RM 0.57

What we have here,

Price = RM 9.43
Tax = RM 0.57

Total price = RM 10